Leaving My Comfort Zone

Taking a break from all the packing mania to write my first post ~duh dunn dunnnn~ The excitement and nerves have definitely set in. I am reassured by the fact that I know Smithies (Smith College students) that have gone before me and had the time of their lives. Luckily, they also graciously answer my constant texts with all my random preparation questions ~thanks guys 😀

The mug I am currently drinking out of has a favorite saying of mine, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. This definitely rings true of this adventure I am about to embark on. It will push me in ways I can’t expect navigating a different language, currency, and culture among other things. This will be my first time outside of North America and longest time away from home. My 3% Danish fluency on Duolingo is not very comforting, although Danes do pride themselves on being the most fluent non-native English speakers. I am excited to explore the city and country I will call home for the next four months. I will encounter so many new experiences while in Europe with it’s challenges and rewards. Ready or not!

I’ve gotten many confused looks and when people hear I’m an American Studies major and I am studying abroad. I look forward to taking urban studies and education classes for cross cultural comparison. I think the U.S has a lot to learn from the innovation of others. Copenhagen is an intriguing field study as it is renown for it’s urban planning promoting sustainable lifestyles and modes of mobility. I hope to not only learn about European cities, but also better understand American cities.

I plan on posting at least once a week on experiences throughout the semester as well as many photos (my urban exploration photography class should help out in that department). Feel free to contact me with any questions!


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