Hamburg| Core Course Week

Core Course Week flew by! Here is an acrostic poem of some of the highlights of the week.

img_0282 H is for Hamburg, the city I spent the majority of Core Course week in. My Urban Studies class had amazing opportunities to meet a variety of people in the field, explore a new city, and learn more about each other.

A is for Architecture; we studied the innovative and sustainable architecture of Hamburg. The feel and look of Hamburg is very different to Copenhagen as it embraces it’s industrial roots as a major port city.

M is for “Mmhmm”, the reaction to all of the wonderful meals DIS provided for us on our trip. Everyone looked forward to our meals during the cold and schedule filled days. My favorite was a German restaurant on the first night; the fried potatoes were out of this world. 

B is for bundled, the adjective describing how we all attempted to stay warm. We were constantly outdoors, on walking or biking tours, and had to find creative ways to stay warm. I layered on three pairs of pants, while others cocooned themselves.

img_0306U is for united, a word that describes the St. Pauli neighborhood. The community is struggling with gentrification and are currently collaborating and gathering input on a new development. The large amount of politically driven graffiti was a sight for sure, a uniting aspect of the neighborhood.

R is for Regitize, our amazing professor who unimg_0213fortunately couldn’t come with us but we thought of her often. Especially when “Elphi” was mentioned – the Elbphilharmonie concert hall that Regitize raved about (and with good reason).

G is for Getting off the train from Hamburg and talking about how we were ready to be home – realizing we were referring to Copenhagen as home.






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