The Fatherland with the Parents | Travel Break 1

As the semester is flying by, my first travel break has come and gone. I was so lucky enough for my parents to take time out of their busy schedule to come visit me! Before their visit, I felt it was too early for my parents to come – I am still exploring the city myself and even joked I don’t even miss them yet! But after spending the week with my parents I feel re-energized and ready to take on the second half *gulp* of my time here.

My first weekend, I gave my parents the grand tour of Copenhagen – or at least the highlight reel of my stay here thus far. I showed them views of the city as we took a canal tour and climbed the round tower. I took them to Vestergade and pointed out where my classes are and my favorite bakeries nearby 🙂 While taking them through Copenhagen, I realized I know more about the city then I had given myself credit for. It was fun to see some of my first impressions again through my parents eyes such as the massive biking culture, the trust system for transportation, and the beauty of the city. We also checked out many castles and museums I hadn’t had the chance to see yet. I think our favorite day was traveling to Helsingør (a 40 min. train ride north) to Kronborg castle. It is known as the Elsinore in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and also currently houses the statue of Ogier the Dane who according to legend will awake if Denmark is ever in grave danger. To top it off we took the ferry over to Helsingborg, Sweden for dinner!

On Monday my parents and I flew to Berlin, Germany. None of us had ever been and I couldn’t have been more excited to share in this adventure as my family is German and I am also a major history buff. We visited the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichtag, the Holocaust Memorial, the Berlin Wall, and so much more. The whole week was so surreal. Celebrating my Dad’s birthday on Thursday seemed pretty funny as it seemed we had been celebrating this whole time. At the end of the week it seemed like quite the role reversal dropping my parents off at the airport. After saying goodbye to my parents, I then set off to Amsterdam for the weekend.

To be continued…


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