72 Hours in Amsterdam | Travel Break 1

After a hard goodbye to my parents, I flew to Amsterdam for the last days of my break. I met up with my friend Amy and Rose as well as some new friends studying abroad in Prague and London. Although I only had a short period of time in the Netherlands, we suprisingly covered a lot of ground while exploring at an enjoyable pace.

Day 1 – Brunch is of course a necessity to begin the relaxed day. Afterwards we visited the I am Amsterdam sign because if you didn’t take a pic where you really there? Then we headed to the Van Gough Museum which was really well done. I learned more about his life and art as the museum chronologically went through his style evolution. To top off the day we enjoyed a canal dinner cruise. Experiencing Amsterdam all lit up while enjoying a meal in good company was very memorable.

Day 2 – Dutch Pancakes at the best pancake house in the city started the second day off right. After saying goodbye to Rose and her friends, Amy and I walked around Jordan which is a neighborhood known for its cute boutiques. After a coffee and macaroon pick me up we sampled all sorts of cheeses at the Cheese Museum. I think that has definitely been the most delicious museum I’ve been to! The highlight of my weekend was what we did next – visiting the Anne Frank House. I was disheartened after seeing all the tickets booked online, but after patiently waiting in the rain we were able to get in. It truly is a must see in Amsterdam.

Day 3 – I pretty much had the whole day to myself as Amy left early in the morning for class. After a long week I appreciated the alone time wandering the city for myself. I actually worked on a photography project for class focusing on the unseen in cities. This allowed me to get to know Amsterdam from a new perspective. To wrap up I stopped in at the Rembrandt House, which not only displayed his work but explained how he was a entrepreneur and teacher as well. At the end of it all I was so happy to sleep in my own bed again.

After all, there’s no place like Cope!


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