Official resident, but still a tourist?

Yesterday I received my Danish Residence Permit. It’s official. See you never USA! Well until it expires at the end of May. What’s even cooler is I now obtain a Danish CPR card (civil registration number) which means as a resident I can access the Danish social system and receive free health benefits. Hopefully I’ll never have to use this card, but it’s cool to know I am officially a resident.

I am in disbelief that it’s been over two month since I’ve landed in this beautiful country. Time certainly does fly by. A routine is still pretty non-existent, at this point I’m embracing the fact that every day will be a new adventure. Not to say that I can sustain living like a tourist for four months as that would definitely be exhausting. However, I am making it a point to always change it up like doing homework in a different coffee shop or be up for spontaneous nights out. A key is to try to find that balance where you are challenging as well as taking care of yourself. It’s a recipe only you can figure out which may take some time. Luckily I’ve had the privilege of living on my own before so I’m not totally new to this, but then again I’ve never been swept off my feet by a new country before ❤

Here’s a list my SRAs (Social Residential Advisors) gave my kollegium in our first email: 

It’s a funny list of memes titled “What it’s like to experience Denmark for the first time”. I am still experiencing these situations, even two months in. While some of the newness has worn off, I don’t think I’ll ever stop being amazed by the architecture or special aspects of the city. When I think of myself as a resident,  I hear Danish and get put back into place. It’s always a reality check to be sure. I am taking a Danish Language and Culture class and can pick out some words though *progress* I definitely relate to the Emma Watson meme about saying Tak. My friends and I always pat ourselves on the back when we use simple Danish or can read something.

Currently I have two of my best friends visiting from the US. It’s been fun showing them the city that I currently consider my home. I am always intrigued about how others experience the city and what they notice most.  Hopefully at some point they can share some of their insights, but for now I am keeping them busy with all the new and fun experiences Copenhagen has to offer!




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