Worlds Collide in CPH <3

My two best friends visited me in Copenhagen! What’s hilarious is once they arrived in Copenhagen we realized that we’ve never hung out the three of us…EVER. Pretty shocking since between the three of us we have over 15+ years of friendship. I’m so happy they decided to spend their spring break with me. Unfortunately even though they were on Spring break, I still had class. I think it worked out for the best because while I was in class they explored some of the musts of the city that I had already seen. When we were together, we were unstoppable 🙂

Some of my highlights:

  • The Danish Design Museum


Something I didn’t really know until I arrived in Denmark is that they are known for industrial design, especially chairs. This museum was pretty cool, displaying not only chairs but all sorts of house hold items. Emily and I got a real kick out of Zoe’s excitement as she has experience in the industrial design field. Also – an extra bonus – it was free for students!

  • The Experimentarium


We will always be children at heart. This was a place I totally wouldn’t have gone to otherwise, but of course we had a blast. Described as a “modern and hands-on museum science and technology for kids” was the ultimate playground. We tested our grip strength, competed in stamina challenges, saw our hearts beat, and so much more! The bubble section was a real crowd pleaser.

  • The Royal Ballet

Yes, I know, I’ve already blogged about the ballet. But so nice I went twice!  On our last night together, Zoe and Emily treated me to a really nice dinner at Honey and the ballet. The show we went to was amazing and had a lot of modern dance. It was pretty sweet to watch the ballet with Zoe, who was my dance partner back in the day ❤


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